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About Us

We are situated between the National Pool and the Swansea Lawn Tennis and Squash Racquet Club, in Sketty, and run by the members as an association.

With around 60 plots, varying in size from a raised bed to full-sized plots, we are a lovely, friendly site where people can meet, chat, garden, exercise, develop their gardening knowhow and enjoy the calm surrounding, whilst taking in the relaxing bird song.


Is an allotment for me?

You can be a beginner, intermediate or experienced gardener -everyone is welcome. However, think carefully about what time you can realistically allocate to a plot.

Whilst allotments are a fantastic hobby they can require

4-5 hours of work each week, often more in the growing period. 


Plots are inspected two or three times a year to ensure they are meeting the minimum standards of maintenance and to ensure the plot is being utilised fully. Plots that repeatedly fail will be passed on to others on the waiting list so you need to be dedicated and consistent in your efforts.




Allotment sizes

There are 4 approximate sizes of plot at this site:

2 raised beds -each measuring 5x1 metres, ideal for people who can't give much time, or who want to try their hand at growing for the first time.

1/4 plot - 6x8 metres 

1/2 plot - 12x8 metres 

Full plot - 24 x8 metres  - Experienced gardeners only.

Allotments are allocated from a waiting list as they become available. The waiting time varies, but can often be around 3 years.

To get onto the waiting list send your request via the Enquiries tab at the top of this page.

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